February 2018 Newsletter

**** The 4specs Perspective

Targeting The Key Specifiers

Some construction products are used on specific types of projects. Examples would be parking-deck-specific products, acoustical products used in large projects such as auditoriums and cementitous overlays used in condos and apartments for noise transmission control.

I am frequently asked how to find the specifiers for the manufacturer's project-type-specific products. I tell the marketing manager to put away the shotgun and use a sniper rifle for their target half a mile away.

Much of this was covered in the Finding the Spec Writers newsletter.

Frequently the list you will be working with would be as little as 100 names, depending on how specialised your products are. Here are some thoughts on finding the key specifiers.
Finding the Specialty Firms and Specifiers

Develop a multi-year, low-cost program targeting these firms and specifiers. I propose that emails are not the way to go. I recommend a simple postcard that shows your logo and a product photo with the website and a product description on the back along with postage and the mailing address info. The postcard may be quickly looked at, the info seen and then dropped in the wastebasket.

Repeated every 4-6 weeks, I see this is more effective than a single brochure mailing or even a major trade show. The goal is to reinforce your ads on 4specs and other places and to be recognized (and approved) when specifications are being updated or a substitution request is received.

Feedback, comments and suggestions always appreciated.



Colin Gilboy
Publisher - 4specs
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