October 2015 Newsletter

**** The 4specs Perspective

Finding the Spec Writers

Knowing the spec writers is an important part of getting specified. The most effective way to meet and know the local and regional specifiers is through the local CSI chapter meetings and local product shows.

In addition, working at a local or regional level, probably using Dodge Reports or a competitor, identify the major design firms in the specific area doing the type projects you are targeting. Your local rep or distributor should already know most of these firms.

Call each firm and ask how their specifications are generally handled. The response should identify which of the following writes the specs - or a combination of two or three depending on the project and firm.

Develop a strategy to best work with each category of specifier. Look to meet them at their office. Look to meet these people at a CSI dinner.

Look to develop a direct mail program to these contacts. When I sold products, I used 4x6 postcards on a monthly basis to the 250 names in my San Francisco area database showing the local use of a product I represented. Use field photos showing installation and not finished and polished photos. Let the specifier become confident about the local installation of your materials before specifying your products on his projects.



Colin Gilboy
Publisher - 4specs
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