At PRL, we offer thermally broken Max sliders and accordion bifold doors with Privacy glass. Built with thermally broken frames, these patio sliders help maintain interior temperatures, and with a flip of a switch, our moveable doorwalls instantly go from transparent to opaque. Sold as top-hung or bottom roller systems, our thermally broken Max and accordion bifold doors are rendered in many configurations. And great for energy efficiency, these Privacy glass doorwalls accept multiple glass types for even greater performance.

Our thermally broken Max sliders and accordion bifold doors with Privacy glass offer a number of benefits. Made with thermally broken frames, they prevent heat transfer to keep interior temps stable, and equipped with weatherstripping, our sliding doors grant greater protection from the elements. Privacy glass is the ideal alternative to window treatments. Backed with a 1 yr. warranty, it allows natural light to flow through these patio sliders while preventing prying eyes from peeking in. Commonly operated with most switches in the industry, our Privacy glass is also compatible with remote controls, tablets, smartphones, and more.

We manufacture thermally broken Max sliders and accordion bifold doors with Privacy glass in-house. Including a variety of weather resistant features, these moveable doorwalls deliver even more cost savings. Our Max sliders are the only premier glass doors with the lowest profile sill and an AAMA rating for exterior use. Fit with mechanical drop seal systems and interlocking stiles, they ensure strong, weather-tight designs. And in addition to thermally broken frames, our accordion bifold doors come standard with state-of-the-art seal systems and thermally broken sliding doors.

Thermally Broken Max Sliders with Privacy Glass Features:

Thermally Broken Accordion Sliders with Privacy Glass Features:


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