Tips on Finding Products & Manufacturers on 4specs

1. Navigate by division and section. Using the division and section numbers is frequently the best way to find alternate suppliers once you know the section to look in. Use the blue search box above to search with key words to get you started in appropriate sections.

2. Use our Uniformat (ASTM-based version) to locate all the solutions for assemblies. This is the light grey bars above - such as Doors, Windows, Exterior Walls. This is useful to the architect looking for solutions and using words they are familiar with.

3. Use the Website Search for company name or product type: Choose the blue search box at the top of each page. This search automatically searches the following locations:


These pages contain primarily manufacturer names and words relating to product types, such as roofing or HVAC. You can connect terms with "and" or "or."  "and" will find items that contain both terms; "or" will find items that contain either word, but not necessarily both terms. The default is and. Example: "concrete or forms" will find pages with either "concrete" or "forms." Capitals are ignored.

4. Use the 4specs Database Contact Search - This gold searches the 4specs online database.Searchable by company name. Returns contact information - city, state,zip, phone, website link and section listings.

5. Regional Searches - On the bottom of each section page is a green button labeled on the bottom of the page. Clicking this button will return the manufacturers listed on that page, sorted by zip code order.

6. Changes in Companies - companies with name changes or out of business. These pages will help you find companies that were purchased or went out of business. Primarily listing companies I think you may have in your specifications. The information is also Included in the blue search above.