November 2015 Newsletter

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Finding the Specialty Firms and Specifiers

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Some products are used on many types of projects. Examples are gypsum wallboard, carpet, toilets, etc. While a bit more specialized products would would include sloped shingle and tile roofing, commercial aluminum windows and masonry brick and block. These products would be used on many types of projects by many design firms and specifiers.

Other products are very specialized and typically used on only certain types of projects. These examples come to mind:

Your goal is to identify the firms and specifiers doing 80% of the potential product sales for these specialized products. The number of specialized firms is probably smaller than you expect - perhaps in the 100-200 firm range on a national basis. While your products may be general, these ideas may help your thinking.

Start to identify the firms. Here are good starting places

Then identify the spec writers for each firm, see if the firms have multiple design offices and develop a marketing program targeting them. See last month's newsletter for some more ideas on marketing.



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