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BIM is Much More Than Revit!

Manufacturers Interact with Every Member of the Building Team

by Doug Bevill, past-President BimObject, Inc.

Part 4

From my daily observations, many building product manufacturers behave almost as non-participants in the AEC space, especially as it relates to BIM. Don't feel bad, there is a reason. As manufacturers, for the most part, we are not participants in the design and contracting process, we are at best advisors and in most cases, just suppliers, reacting to the AEC participant's RFIs and RFQs. This is evident in our:

I have said this in my prior posts. As BPMs, we are the only member of the building team who has to interact with every member of the building team to reach ultimate success. That is a tall order!!

So, you ask, "Who can I trust to help me pull all of these moving parts into a coherent strategy, that will provide my company with meaningful metrics and actionable business intelligence?" Not to be presumptuous, but perhaps you simply contact me? In my position as President of the largest BIM content creation and distribution platform in the world, BIMobject, (partnered with Arcom - MasterSpec and Autodesk Seek), I work everyday with BPMs of all sizes that market to every Masterspec Division. In my many years as a BPM executive and advisor, I have the experience and a deep bench of outstanding resources to help you succeed. We do it everyday and we would be honored to be of assistance to your company.

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