February 2017 Newsletter

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BIM is Much More Than Revit!

Do You Have a BIM "Strategy"?

Part 1

by Doug Bevill, past-President BimObject, Inc.

For most of my career, which for all intents and purpose at this point, is most of my life, I have been advising, or working for building products manufacturers (BMPs). Since my first experiences in the early 1980s as an analyst for McGraw Hill Construction, until today, there have been many changes in the way products are specified and purchased. Building Information Modeling (BIM), has brought a new challenge for manufacturers' marketing & sales executives and their strategies.

If your BIM strategy is only a small, or a large litany of Revit files on your website and / or with third party aggregators, you do not have a "BIM strategy"! You just have a REVIT library! Also, do not misunderstand, BIM is not about specification!

A solid BIM strategy is about providing the appropriate content at every stage of the design and construction process. Building Information Modeling is the process of creating an entirely digital model of a building for the building owner to use during design and construction, however more importantly, for facilities' professionals to use long after the building is occupied.

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