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BIM is Much More Than Revit!

Which File Format is Best For Your Company?

by Doug Bevill, past-President BimObject, Inc.

Part 3

Over the past ten plus years in the US, we have seen broad adaptation of BIM as a design and contracting process. Now most of the US government and many other US public, and private entities are requiring project models to be delivered to facility management (FM), as digital, or BIM models. Most of the AEC space is using Sketchup, AutoCad, Revit, Archicad and several other platforms during all phases of design, construction, or the (FM) process. The graph below illustrates US downloads by platform from BIMobject's Analytical BIM portal, BIManaytics Pro®.

BIM Programs

It is important to note that from early design to facilities management the various members of the building team require graduating "Levels of Development" (LOD) in the BIM models being used. There are five, this link from Autodesk will be a good reference;
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This graph clearly shows that Revit is the preferred BIM platform, however, it also clearly illustrates the broad use of other software platforms. Your Revit models should also be available in the last three LODs, as shown below.

BIM Models

Colin's comments: Different products may need different or multiple BIM programs.

Consider when and where decisions about your products are being made and which BIM programs are most appropriate for your products at each stage of design.

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