07 9100 - Preformed Joint Seals

(Typically for waterproofing building joints)

See also:
07 9200 - Joint Sealants
07 9500 - Expansion Control - for metal expansion joints


Emseal Joint Systems, Ltd.  Specs  CAD
Lasting structural and aesthetic joint sealing and bridging. Solutions for exterior and interior floors, walls, and decks, above and below grade are based in technical competence and innovative products. Handling movement while imparting functional load capability, watertightness, aesthetic balance and durability, characterize EMSEAL's product range.


LymTal International
Iso-Flex Preformed Joint Seals - For over 80 years the Iso-Flex brand has brought focus to the study of waterproofing concrete structures. Our preformed seals are designed for parking structure, stadium and roadway applications. We include precompressed foam seals for vertical and horizontal use with UL fire rating when required, as well as extruded, rigid seals in Neoprene and thermoplastic.

MM Systems

MM Systems Corporation  Specs  CAD
Expansion Joints / Parking & Stadiums - High performance joint sealing and moisture protection systems designed to meet the demands of parking structures, stadiums and other open-air structures. Options include systems that are waterproof, fire-rated, ADA compliant, and capable of thermal, shear and seismic movement.


Pecora Corporation
Pecora is an American manufacturer of weatherproofing products specifically formulated to provide superior quality and a wide range of sealant properties for the commercial construction and OEM markets. Preformed joint profiles may be utilized in applications with Pecora Sil-span for the repair of construction joints and construction where conventional sealants and weather sealing techniques are not adequate.


Schul International
Sealtite's wide variety of pre-compressed joint sealants are made of compressible, open cell foam, impregnated with a waterproof, acrylic polymer, providing a positive water barrier for primary seals, which work under constant internal compression when installed.  Sealtite's dynamic seals solve many problems associated with liquid applied sealants. Ideal for joints over ¾" or extreme movement.


Willseal's expansive product line includes proven watertight, dust-proof, airtight, UV stable, chemically resistant, sound-proof, and insulated primary/secondary seals in open cell foams impregnated with hydrophobic, acrylic polymer sealing compounds and closed cell foams; products also available that have successfully been tested to numerous UL/ULC 2079 listings with movement percentages of ± 25% and ± 50%.