February 2023 Newsletter

**** The 4specs Perspective

Who Visited Our Website From 4specs?

An ad agency asked - "our client is asking if it is possible to identify individual leads sent to their website."

My response: No. Not possible.

4specs is anonymous just like Google Adwords and other websites that do not require registration and a login.

If I could provide reliable names and contact information I would charge 10-20x my current rates. Every time I have talked with specifiers about this question, they have said they would not return to 4specs if they could track phone calls and emails back to a 4specs click.

If the manufacturer needs project information to initiate contacts and followups they need to subscribe to Dodge Reports or Construct Connect to get project information and work the likely projects one by one. I think the cost is $20,000 a year for Dodge or Construct Connect for national information and even then the information is not always accurate. When I was a rep I remember seeing one project reported as just starting and when I drove by the project steel was 10 stories in the air.

Knowing about the project and the design team is just one part of the task. It is also difficult to track who will actually write the specs.

As one example, a full-time specifier and SCIP member in Southern California emailed me and asked where I had put patient headwalls - the gas and electronics around a hospital bed - after talking with him I added a cross link from the section he expected to the one I used. Later that week I spoke with another hospital specifier in Wisconsin asking which section she would use. It turns out the project in Southern California was theirs and they probably wanted an California-experienced specifier to write the spec and get it through OSHPD - the hospital approval people.

Getting specified is a long and difficult process. I wrote a series of newsletters on this. At least read the top of the page and scan individual pages and skip through the video.


Think about it. If you visited Zillow and looked at a new home listing and you got a call the next day from a realtor asking about you interest in the same home, would you be happy or upset?

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Colin Gilboy
Publisher - 4specs
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