September 2022 Newsletter

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The 5 Costliest Manufacturer Mistakes

The 4specs newsletter in December 2010 cover the same topic. It is still valid today. You can see that newsletter here:

Influencing Specifications: The 5 Costliest Manufacturer Mistakes

The concepts here are still valid 12 years later. I asked Phil Kabza for his comments when I planned to use this newsletter. He replied:

Of course, ARCOM is now Deltek, but I don’t think you want to get into changing that. What was aimed at “post-recession” is now “post-Covid,” but little has changed, except there are fewer specifiers working longer hours and figuring out how to be more efficient. [emphasis added] Are good quality manufacturer specs an answer? Of course. But those in-house prepared specs still can’t be used in architect’s project manuals.

The newsletter is summarized [pdf] here if you do not want to view and read the entire newsletter. I have some additional thoughts on the 5 key topics.

  1. Marketing to AEs without understanding their specification process
    A great way to learn more about the specification process is to subscribe to Phil Kabaza' CDT One Day at a Time emails. These are 60 days of emails to review the process. Free.
  2. Targeting the pre-covid specifier in the post-covid market
  3. Using expensive shotgun marketing instead of targeted marketing
    In next month's newsletter I plan to describe my .50 BMG sniper rifle strategy and actions verses a blunderbuss approach.
  4. Providing specifications that meet your needs but not the AEs' needs
  5. Providing small specifications and expecting big projects

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