March 2022 Newsletter

Who is Your Target Audience?

**** The 4specs Perspective

I receive several newsletters every month on Search Engine Optimization. The newsletters are generally focused on helping the reader attract all the Google search engine visitors they can. The problem of "Getting Specified" on a commercial construction project is very different than general Internet sales through Google visitors. Our newsletter series on "Getting Specified" reviews the process and complexity of Specified Products.

Bruce Clay sends out one of the more interesting newsletters. A recent newsletter was entitled:
"3 Steps to Define Your Target Audience for your SEO Program" From the newsletter:

Do you know your audience? Like, really know your audience? Many businesses have a vague idea of who their target audience is and what they want but haven’t taken the time to do the research.

This started me thinking about the target audience for Specified Product marketing. I am starting to think out ways to classify products which will lead to better determining who the target audience should be for different manufacturers. That newsletter comes in the future.

I view the audience as identified these ways:

Depending how your firm and products are currently situated, your target audience may be different than your closest apparent competitor.

How have you identified your target audience and how are you marketing and selling to them?

Questions and suggestions always appreciated.



Colin Gilboy
Publisher - 4specs
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