September 2021 Newsletter

What is Your 2022 Marketing Strategy

**** The 4specs Perspective

What are you planning for 2022. How will you manage the following:

I consider "specified product marketing" to be one of the most complex tasks in marketing. Marketers coming from a non-commercial construction products marketing may view the process as - meet architect, get selected and win bid.

Simple Approach

While the reality of "specified product marketing" is closer to:


These images were taken from an excellent presentation by Abyss Global (England) on distance selling, well worth reading.

Here is another excellent article to challenge your thinking for 2022 Marketing

To building product manufacturers, I cannot stress enough the importance of specification. During the coronavirus pandemic, which is currently keeping us from face-to-face meetings, web-based availability of a BPM’s content to specifiers has never been more of a necessity. Architects, engineers, and specification writers want the latest, most accurate version of the specification and other content and they assume that this up-to-date information is available on the BPM’s website.

My question is whether your marketing department and web designer have focused on how to help the specifier include your products in their specification?

I suggest you read and then send your reps and distributors the link to the 4specs
"Getting Specified" series of newsletters as a way to encourage them to start to understand the process. I also recommend subscribing to Phil Kabza's free email series
CDT One Day at a Time even if you are not planning to take the Construction Specification Institute's Construction Document Technologist certification.



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