February 2021 Newsletter

Developing Your Product Data Sheets

**** The 4specs Perspective

Several months ago the 4specs newsletter focused on Product Data Sheets as an effective way to communicate the product information needed to be specified or included as a substitution.

I had an email from Michael Chusid, RA, FCSI - a specifier I know in Southern California and a member of SCIP - the independent specifier organization. Here is what Michael wrote to me:

"Your newsletter stresses the importance of data sheets. I quite agree. I have attached a draft of a datasheet I am currently preparing for Waterson, a new door hardware company with a new type of multifunction door closer hinge; the page layout has not yet been completed.

Waterson Product Data Sheet

"I fear that the document may be too lengthy, but I felt a need to include all pertinent technical data because it does not yet exist on their website or elsewhere.

"I faced many translation challenges to write this:

"My goal is always to simplify a specifier's work. For example, the product selection table the client gave me was organized by product, and one had to search to find out which met project requirements. I changed the table so that someone could go into it based on project requirements such as door size and weight, and be led directly to the recommended product.

"Another objective is to help the project team avoid problems in design, installation, or usage. For example, product limitations are clearly identified. I added language that can be cut and pasted into a CSI-format specification. And, since design professionals are also visual thinkers, I created images that will help with product evaluation.

"Fortunately, the client is committed to getting things right, and has been a joy to work with."

You can contact Michael at michael [at] chusid.com or call him in Southern California at 818-219-4937

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Colin Gilboy
Publisher - 4specs
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