June 2020 Newsletter

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Product Data Sheets

Specifiers frequently use the CSI-formatted specifications to find the detailed information they need to evaluate the products for inclusion in the specification or approval as a substitution.

A detailed product data sheet may be an even better way to provide the data.

Here are several examples I found with a quick Google search:

Ensure the user can select the appropriate product data sheet by providing enough information to understand what is at the link. Too many websites list the product name and no information as to what the product is. The user must read a second page, probably write down the products they want to investigate and then go to the link drop-down or page.

I like the W.R. Meadows product page as a great way to know what the products are used for and how to find their information.

Have your marketing department use these product data sheets as an example for format and for information to include. The 4specs WebFormat product page may include additional ideas of what to include in your product data sheet and website.

[Added September 2020] A discussion in the 4specs Forum in 2006 provides additional information on Product Data Sheets.

[Added April 2023] Follow up to this article

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