February 2019 Newsletter

**** The 4specs Perspective

Micro-Website Concepts

In December I asked: Is Google Making Specified Product Research Better or Worse?

In January I asked: Is Your Website Designed to Attract Google Visitors or Getting Specified?

I recommend a microsite or just a single page focused on supporting an architect and specifier. Your micro-website can focus on what they need to select your products with direct links into your current website. Micro-websites were proposed in this article:

This page can be developed by your web designer or developed and hosted outside. You can link 4specs and other advertising places with a design focus to this page.

Going back to 2000 (yes that long ago), I proposed a simple website design called WebFormat. The home page was simple, and designed to let the specifier know the areas you made products and enough text to support Google's searching.


The full WebFormat page proposal is here:

4specs is prepared to provide a micro-website page for your company. Our demo micro-website page is here:

Profile Page


A real world example is the new Sussman Architectural Products website.

Sussman Architectural Products

Email or call me to discuss a proposal for your company for your profile page following this design concept.



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Publisher - 4specs
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