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**** The 4specs Perspective

Most websites today are designed to attract the most Google clicks and to work on cell phones. The web designer has no idea of what a specifier or project architects needs to find to do their work.

A 4specs profile page intends to help the specifier or project architect find what they need to evaluate the products found on the website for inclusion in the project.

The 4specs profile page intends to support the specifier working on their large screen computer to find the specs, CAD and BIM information they need. This is done in part by not designing for a small smart phone screen.

The specifier is generally not looking to understand all your products, rather to include or exclude your products from the specification section they are evaluating at that moment. We will work with you to help organize your information using specification sections to organize and provide access to the information already on your website.

This allows the specifier to quickly evaluate your information and not waste time clicking around to discover where the web designer has hidden the links. Our charge is $1,000 a year to develop and maintain your profile page.

Here are examples to see what we are doing:

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