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Regidized Metals
Metal materials and panel systems with surfaces that are engineered for architectural applications; beautiful, durable, energy saving and naturally-cleaning exteriors, as well as mass customized interiors with an extensive selection of surface patterns, finishes and colors.  Regardless of what company does the fabrication, it is essential that the specifier starts with a robust material specification.

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Specs - Data Sheets

05 7000 - Ornamental Metals
07 4100 - Metal Roof and Wall Panels
Ornamental MetalsOrnamental Finished Flat Rolled Metal
Numerous guide specifications and data sheets are available for an extensive selection of surface patterns, finishes and colors. Regardless of what company ultimately does the fabrication, it is essential that the specifier starts with a robust material specification that protects the client from lesser materials ending up on the project.


Rigidized Metals

Ornamental Finished Metal Railing Tube
A guide specification is available for patterned tubing with an enhanced gripping surface.




Handrail SystemHandrail System
Handrail System with Grip-Enhanced Stainless Steel Tubing - A guide specification is available.



09 5100 - Metal Acoustic Panels

Metal Acoustical PanelsTXTRSound Acoustical Metal Wall & Pan Ceilings Panels
Perforated metal acoustical panels are good, but perforated AND textured metal acoustical panels are better. TXTRSound Acoustical Metal Wall & Ceiling panels from Rigidized® Metals can be installed in ceilings or walls with coordinating solid panels available, as well.


09 7700 - Metal Interior Wall Panels

Wall PanelsTXTRWall Interior Metal Wall Panel Systems
TXTRWall Interior Metal Wall Panel Systems utilize standard mass-produced panels, combined with a large selection of metal patterns, surfaces and colors in stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, copper, brass and bronze. The result is a custom appearance at a reasonable cost. Acoustical panels, corner guards and baseboards may be specified together, or separately as the project requirements dictate.


14 2700 - Elevator Panels

Elevator PanelsLightweight Honeycomb Elevator Cab Panel System
The specifier can save weight by specifying the Rigidized® Metals honeycomb system. Cab fitters in the supply chain can laminate a vast selection of Rigidized® Metals textures and finishes that can be used as face panels on this honeycomb system.


Rigidized MetalsExterior Metal Wall Panel
A large selection of engineered metal surfaces in various metal materials including stainless steel and aluminum are readily incorporated into the specifications of any curtain wall manufacturer.  Rigidized® Metals' materials may be easily incorporated into other exterior systems as well.




Wall Cladding

Sheet Metal Wall Cladding & Standing Seam Sheet Metal Wall Cladding
For residential and light commercial projects, Rigidized® Metals offers exterior flat seam and standing seam panels systems for installation on exterior walls.


07 6100 - Exterior Metal Roofing Panels

Structural Roof Panels Structural roof panels can be produced with Rigidized® Metals' materials for numerous large-scale projects around the world. Rigidized® Metals' InvariMatte® is a low glare roofing surface that is available in stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and copper. InvariMatte® specifications are readily incorporated into the specifications of manufacturers of structural roofing.


Metal Roofing Standing Seam Sheet Metal Roofing and Flat Seam Sheet Metal Roofing
Installable standing seam and flat lock roofing panels are also available for residential and light commercial projects from Rigidized® Metals; available in InvariMatte® stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and copper.


07 7100 - Gutters and Downsprouts

GuttersManufactured Gutters and Downspouts
InvariMatte® gutters and downspouts are available in half round, box-style and K-style configurations. They can be made to match stainless steel roofing or wall panels, or just specified for use alongside other products the specifier chooses.