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Most new or updated website designs are focused on sucking in all the free Google visitors they can and working on smart cellular phones. Your web designer probably calls this "Search Engine Optimization."

Most "specified product" decisions are made using a full computer screen to visit your website not a smart phone. Here is our recent newsletter on this:

Does Your Web Design Support Architects and Specifiers?

Your web designer does not understand what information is needed to evaluate your products for inclusion in the specification or to be accepted as a substitution. The logic to find specs and other information on many manufacturer site is complicated and not always clear to the user - or me.

You have 2 choices to better support being specified - make a special target page for your website or use an outside profile page that points into your website for quick access to your design information.

Here is an example - this is a demo and the links do not work

I wrote an article published in the CSI Specifier in November 1996. While few Internet articles that old are still applicable today. This article - Deliver Your Product Information Using the Internet - is still a great starting spot.

In 2000 I developed a web design proposal - WebFormat - as a standard template for "specified product" websites. Updated in 2009 to include words on the home page for Google to index, this is still a great example today in 2020 of what is needed. Look over our page Can a Website be Too Simple as a quick review.

Today 4specs is offering Profile Pages for your company. Here are our design standards:

Let me know when you are interested and we can develop the page for your company. Flat rate of $1,000 a year per company with no additional per-referral charges.



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