22 4500 - Emergency Plumbing Fixtures

(Includes eye wash stations and emergency showers)

Acorn Safety

Acorn Engineering
Acorn Engineering produces a full line of emergency drench equipment such as eye washes, eye and face washes, emergency drench showers, combination showers, emergency drench hoses, and mixing valves for specific project needs and a wide variety of markets. These products ensure a safe work environment for employees exposed to harmful chemicals.


Bradley Corporation  CAD  BIM
Bradley manufactures a broad line of emergency plumbing fixtures including drench showers and hoses, eye/face wash units, combination units, portable units, frost-free fixtures, alarm systems, and portable units. The revolutionary Spintec™ showerhead provides the most effective removal of contaminants in the industry. Also, see the new Enclosed Safety Shower for harsh environments.


HEMCO Corporation
Emergency Shower Decontamination Booths are fully assembled and ready for installation to water supply and waste systems. The shower is a molded one piece seamless chemical resistant fiberglass and is equipped with a pull rod activated shower for immediate drenching of personnel who have been exposed to hazardous chemicals. Compliant with ANSI and OSHA requirements.


Patented water tempering technology for emergency appliances including eye washes, eye/face washes, drench showers and combination units.


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