22 1420 - Storm Drainage Piping

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22 1435 - Roof Drains
33 4300 - Water Harvesting Systems
33 4800 - Subsurface Retention/Detention Systems

MiFab Manufacturing

Mifab Manufacturing  Specs  CAD  BIM
Access doors, valve boxes, HDPE hydro-mechanical and gravity grease and oil, solids, specialty interceptors, trap seal primers, fixture supports, floor, roof and trench drains, cleanouts, wall and ground hydrants, floor sinks, backwater valves, water hammer arrestors, C-PORT pipe supports, BEECO backflow preventers, PRVs, siphonic roof drains, no-hub couplings, fabricated stainless steel trench drains.


Victaulic Company of America  Specs  CAD
Since 1925, the world leader in grooved and plain-end mechanical pipe joining systems. Victaulic offers complete, start-to-finish solutions that anticipate a project's every need. The Victaulic grooved-piping method accommodates most piping materials, including lightwall, standard and extra-heavy duty steel, stainless, aluminum, ABS and other plastics, as well as underground-and waste-treatment process piping. ISO 9001 certified.