07 2170 - Radiant Barriers

(Includes reflective insulation and other materials)

See also: Insulation & Weather Barriers for additional design options

Atlas Roofing

Atlas Roofing Corporation  Specs  CAD
Atlas Roofing Corporation manufactures rigid insulation boards with reflective foil facers for both roof and wall applications. ACFoam® CrossVent® and EnergyShield® product lines combine high R-value polyiso insulation with radiant barriers to substantially limit heat transfer.


Covertech Fabricating
FOIL™ Reflective Insulation is a patented technology manufactured by Covertech. It's designed to reduce radiant heat gain/loss for many residential and commercial buildings. Applications include: walls, ceilings, floors and HVAC duct work. Adding rFOIL™ to your construction project improves the insulation value and significantly increases its energy efficiency. rFOIL™ products qualify for LEED points.


Fi-Foil Company
Offering an extensive line of reflective insulation and radiant barrier systems. Reflective insulation is sustainable by design and one of the fastest growing technologies in the world. Used alone or with other insulation, Fi-Foil products are effective at utilizing cavity air space to Advance Building Performance and Comfort. Serving the industry for over 30 years.


Related Associations and Reference Organizations

Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Association

Reflective Insulation Manufacturer's Association International
exists to educate others on the benefits of reflective/radiant barrier products. RIMA recently made available an AIA/LU program for architects/engineers at www.ronblank.com.  For more information check us out at www.rimainternational.org/.