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SEO vs. PPC: How To Choose

The only newsletter I subscribe to on Search-Engine-based marketing is the Bruce Clay Blog. I recommend you become familiar with SEO and PPC via this blog. This newsletter is based on a recent posting from their blog.

The 4specs question is "how do you identify and involve the person who actually writes the specifications and decides which companies and products are included in the spec?"

From Bruce Clay's Blog:

Life is full of tough choices: coffee vs. tea, Apple vs. Android, boxers vs. briefs, etc.

In the digital marketing world, it’s SEO vs. PPC.

The success of your marketing campaign — and your business — may depend heavily on which method you select.

This article explains the differences (and advantages) between SEO and PPC, when it makes sense to choose them, and why you should consider doing both if you want to strengthen your digital marketing strategy.


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