July 2023 Newsletter

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Exhibiting at Major Shows

Mark Mitchell (See The Whizard) will challenge your thinking about exhibiting at the AIA show and other major trade shows in his blog article:

Why Building Product Companies Should Stop Exhibiting at the AIA Show

I agree with his statement:

"In fact, if you’re a small to medium-sized company, exhibiting at AIA can be a large portion of your marketing budget. You should not be gambling so much of your budget on a chance to sell some uninterested architects over two days. That same money would be far better spent on marketing initiatives that could reach far more architects, 365 days a year."

Many small and medium building product manufacturers have a specific niche market they need to develop. One example is the pull-out bleacher found on high school projects. There is no need to try and market to hospital design firms. I call this my sniper approach as covered in an earlier newsletter:

Manufacturers with products found on most projects need a completely different approach to marketing. The products would include paint, windows and doors, toilet partitions, and firestopping.

Mark followed up with a second blog article: 8 Tips for Selling Building Materials to Architects

Two of his 8 Tips I want to emphasize are:

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