November 2022 Newsletter

**** The 4specs Perspective

What is an Office Master Specification?

Why do design firms use office master specifications?

If you’ve worked with design professionals, I’m sure you’ve figured out that they don’t write specifications from scratch.

Project specifications originate from an office master based on what they’ve used in the past, so they don’t need to reinvent the wheel on every project.

The office master is a kit of parts for projects. It’s the typical specs that every project requires, like drywall, concrete, windows, flooring, countertops, roofing, doors, etc.

The office master keeps projects consistent, making it much faster and more efficient to produce specifications for a particular project.

[Colin's comment - office masters are especially used by larger firms and independent specifiers (SCIP members). They may have multiple masters for sections that are different for different project types - ie hospitals and sports arenas have different product requirements.]

This was excerpted from a ZeroDocs blog. I suggest you read the entire blog to better understand the specification process and how to be included in their specs.

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