August 2018 Newsletter

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Google AdWords and More

Last month there was no linked newsletter and I had received a SEO newsletter with several links I wanted to pass along.

AdWords from Scratch - Article suggests you try to choose products to advertise with as low time-to-purchase path as possible. This can be difficult for typical specified products with a designer click being paid for and someone else (perhaps 5 states away) purchasing 2-4 years later.

Google offering more demographic features to select when to have your AdWords active - Again interesting, and not sure how Google will track demographics of an architect or designer in a medium or large firm.

I had an email from one advertiser that keyed in the problem for "specified products" AdWords:

Our challenge with AdWords is exactly as you described. It puzzles Google and others when we tell them most of our purchases take place days, weeks, or months after a click. Some even go beyond a year. They don't know how to handle that.

I added that the final sale can be 7 states away from the initial contact with no way to track the AdWords click to the sale.

This starts the discussion on who you should be targeting your marketing and advertising towards. A simplistic view is to break products into 3 categories.

1. Products specified by ASTM number

2. Products specified by brand name and manufacturer

3. Products selected by the architect to achieve desired visual or performance results

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