June 2015 Newsletter

**** The 4specs Perspective

Checklist for Website Redesigns

I am able to provide access to this important Search Engine article. The description below covers a few of the suggestions:

[Article now behind paywall]

Some of the key points:

Step 1. Get Baseline Snapshots & Site Backup

Step 2. Before Launch Preparations

Step 3. Launch Time...It's Go Time, Are You Ready?

Step 4. Post Launch, How to Catch Any Remaining Tidbits

[updated 3/2017]

Other thoughts are to always have at least a minimal page showing your company name, contact info and enough product info to be sure the user knows they have the correct company. Just today while checking links I hit broken links and other website failures that required my to call the company - using our database - to confirm they were still in business.



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