March 2015 Newsletter / January 2017

**** The 4specs Perspective

Use of BIM through Design, Specs and Estimating

[updated January 3, 2017]

This month's newsletter looks at how BIM is used from the start of design, through working drawings and specs, estimating and ultimately by the owner for long term facility management. My question is whether YOUR BIM models are actually useful to the architectural design team, the contractor and the owner throughout the process.

This blog article is from Conspectus:

[link not available]

Note the usage of Uniformat rather than MasterFormat in this process. You can see the 4specs usage of Uniformat in the left column on the home page with MasterFormat in the center column. I chose to use Uniformat there as many architects are not familiar with MasterFormat and can more easily find products using Uniformat or Revit families. Note that there is just one section page for products using MasterFormat accessed from both systems.

The designers' decisions and BIM models start with generic information - interior door in the example above - and progress though the design process to more specifics as the information and product decisions are made.

Check out the Preliminary Project Description concept to document design. This document will assist the contractor in estimating project costs as they can tie down the product decisions.

Can the architectural designer easily find this information on your website and in your specs and BIM models?



Colin Gilboy
Publisher - 4specs
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