April 2014 Newsletter

**** The 4specs Perspective

What Happened to My Keywords?

Lots of changes at Google.

You may have noticed your Google Analytics reports many fewer keywords.


One option to capture keywords is to add Google Webmaster Tools to your account to gain access to key word searches. Even Webmaster Tools, and your server logs, do not report on all words used. This is the link to Google's Webmaster Tools - note you may have to sign in with a Google account for complete access:

Even more changes:

"Google is cannibalizing industry after industry and Knowledge Graph is a click black hole and making it even worse. That's why he [sic - from a speach] focuses on audience building and creating direct connections to your clients. You need people to direct navigate to you, RSS subscribes, newsletter signups or capturing email so you can market to them later."

"If Google becomes the trusted brand. Remember you're not Google's customer, you're Google's dairy cow. What's the least we have to give you so you keep coming back, Google treats advertisers. If you don't conform to their terms, that's a long term danger for any content publisher out there."


There are more ads and images on the Google Search Results - negatively impacting the search for "specified product" manufacturers, in my opinion. Google has a focus on local searches, local places to buy and mobile devices, and not on desktop searching for 3 or more manufacturers that can make the products the searcher needs for his project.

"Organic Entries Per Page (from the link below)


Google's perspective is mobile (smart phones and tablets), local - within 5 miles, buy today.

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Colin Gilboy
Publisher - 4specs
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