November 2013 Newsletter

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Thoughts on Website Redesign for 2014 - Be Fast

I received this email from Search Engine News this month:

If you saw our August (2013) article on mobile search you know that Google has publicly declared that your Web pages MUST load super-fast AND work flawlessly on ALL devices. In fact, Google is already penalizing pages that load slowly and show errors on cross platform devices like iPads and mobile phones.

In a word, Google is basically demanding that your site be Responsive!! ...or else.

This means that your Web pages must be viewable on desktops, laptops, iPads, notepads, iPhones, Android devices, and even Window's phones WITHOUT errors. Oh, and they must also load, ideally, within 3 seconds (and we aren't kidding) or else be penalized into irrelevance and banished to cyber-siberia (read: the hopelessly unfindable middle of the search results).

But here's the good news. Most people don't know this yet. Most of the companies online don't yet know they need to change their Web sites over to Responsive Web Design. And, the majority of SEOs don't even know how to do this -- yet.

But YOU will... because our final training course of the year is going to be our very FIRST-ever Mobile Optimization Training Course which will show you exactly how to make Web sites compatible with every Web viewing platform know to humankind.

This is a VERY big deal. In fact, we haven't seen such a black and white SEO issue for years. The way things are shaping up is:

 - cross-platform compatible = Google LOVES you
 - cross-platform incompatible = Google HATES you

And there's no ground in between!

Some links to more information on Responsive Web Design:

Next month's newsletter will look at the common problems I frequently see in manufacturers' websites and my suggestions. I'll discuss in greater detail tools you can use to evaluate your performance.

In case you want to get started this month, here are some of the links I'll discuss:

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Your Google Analytics - select Behavior > Site Speed > Speed Suggestions

Let me know if you have any questions or comments. Suggestions and comments are always appreciated.



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