June 2013 Newsletter

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National and Local Trade Shows?

Hanley Wood announced they had acquired the Greenbuild trade show; Hanley Wood now manages the three major trade shows for "specified products" - Construct Show/CSI, AIA and Greenbuild.

When budgeting for trade shows next year, consider reimbursing for your local and regional reps and managers to exhibit at the local CSI Chapter shows. These are typically $500-600 per event and will draw many local designers and architects (as well as all the full-time specifiers) to the one day show. Many who attend may not have a travel and conference budget to spend on national shows and this is a great opportunity to meet them..

I opening a discussion in our specifier forum and there were many interesting responses.
4specs Discussion Forum Discussion

One quote from the forum may show the thoughts of the specifiers:

"Sure, the displays are at best glorified table top affairs but, for making contact with those who could most benefit from product information, a local show is where both junior and veteran design professionals can expend time with minimal expense to attend. It is the place where day-to-day working relationships are established [emphasis added] and where CSI can establish awareness of the principles and procedures it promotes for producing construction documents.

There are problems with this, not the least of which is the expense being born by local product representatives. Often, unless they can sell headquarters on budgeting and spending for the local show, local representatives bear the expense. Often, the value of doing so is not well-enough understood or appreciated for product manufacturers to make a commitment to participate in local shows."

Contact your local CSI chapter for their information.

Call or email me if you have any questions or comments.



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