November 2012 Newsletter

The Value of Well-Prepared Construction Specifications

The 4specs Discussion Forum often has great comments. This is part of a recent discussion:

"Well, here is one issue regarding well-prepared construction specifications, related to manufacturer-provided specifications: Conformance to CSI formats.

"Again today, I worked with a manufacturer-produced specification ... in PDF of course; no letting the competition have access to product information in a word processing file format. From the very beginning of the section, the section number and title were inconsistent with MasterFormat. The Article headings were non-conforming; in some cases mildly off and in others who knows what the writer was thinking."

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"With BIM so relying upon consistent terminology and the Drawings supposedly not including trade names or slang terminology, it is essential to have "well-prepared" specifications that are "ready to go" and not requiring significant rewriting."

"This is not just a knock on manufacturer-produced specifications but a statement that well-prepared (conforming) specifications are beneficial for marketing and ensuring that products are correctly and completely specified. Fouled up specifications are detrimental to a manufacturer being the Basis of Design."

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CSI has a new "Compliant Document Review Program for Guide Specifications"
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CSI Compliant

When asked, CSI's Greg Ceton responded to me with this in an email:

"Manufacturers pay a $1000 service fee for a review of 1 or 2 specification sections and an additional $500 for each additional section they wish to have reviewed.

"There are no maintenance fees. A review is good for a period of three years unless the section is significantly altered before then. At three years or upon alteration, an additional review with service fee will apply.

"Please encourage any interested manufacturers to get in touch with Rob Holson at CSI - "

If you follow up with CSI on this program, please let them know you learned about it on 4specs.


Colin Gilboy
Publisher - 4specs
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