May 2010 Newsletter

What Are Your Actual Key Words?

**** The 4specs Perspective

Using Google Analytics you can discover which words are bringing users to your website and the number of visitors searching for those words.. What you do not know is the frequency these words are being searched for on Google. All you know the frequency times the click through rate = number of visitors.

Google has added a new feature to their Webmaster Tools that will show you the actual frequency of words being searched where your site is on the first 3 pages of the results.

This will help you discover how to adjust your website to attract these users. In past newsletters we have shown how to add Webmaster Tools to your site:

Here is a screen shot for 4specs with the new Top Search Queries. I have expanded the top two search terms to better show the frequency and clickthrough information.

Key Words

I did not expect to see "Gutters and Downspouts" as our number 1 query term. I assumed the top terms were 4specs and Glass Countertops from the Google Analytics reports. In this case the frequency (number of times searched = 3,600) for gutters and downspouts was high while the click through rate was low (2%). In most cases for gutters and downspouts, 4specs is on the second page of the Google search results and on the first page for glass countertops.

This is important information for your website development. Before this was available there were tools that estimated the frequency of key words, but not specific information you could use as to your clickthrough rate.

The goal is to increase the number of referrals to your website. You may be able to adjust the wording on your pages to emphasize the higher frequency words and rework you internal link strategy to emphasize the pages with the high frequency query terms.

Questions and comments are always appreciated.


Colin Gilboy
Publisher - 4specs
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