February 2007 Newsletter

Which Key Words and Phrases Are Important to You?

**** The 4specs Perspective

Last month we looked at what a search engine sees when it visits your website.

This month we will look at what key words you expect to be found under. This is all part of an overall strategy to increase the number of users coming from search engines to your website. Here is a good summary of the steps to increase the numbers. This is from HighRankings and is entitled [Website no longer available]

Not all words are equal. Here are two tools that will you understand the frequency and combinations of search words and phrases that will increase your traffic.

Quoting from the WordTracker Free Trial page:

"You enter some keywords, and we tell you how often people search for them, and also tell you how many competing sites use those keywords."

A good starting spot is to review the incoming words and phrases into your website and check the frequency and for alternate terms that may attract more searchers.

Next month I will show you the top seach terms coming into 4specs and the terms used on our internal search engine.


Colin Gilboy
Publisher - 4specs
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