July 2005 Newsletter

The 4specs Survey of Our Users

4specs recently completed a survey about our user's Internet research methods. We had 113 responses. The results are remarkable. Over 60% of the product research by the respondents is done using the Internet. (released July 2005)

You can see the complete results online in a one page summary:

The 113 respondents were responsible for 2,716 projects worth $25.6 billion.

The product research for these 113 currently relies on:

Of the 113 respondents:

Of the 113 respondents:

Of the 113 respondents:

85 respondents selected 4specs as one of their primary starting places or 2-3x per week or daily. These 85 respondents were responsible for 2,114 projects with a value of $19.5 billion.

As this was not a randomized study, the results cannot be taken as typical for all architects or even for full-time specifiers. I think that the survey results will represent typical usage in 5 years for specifiers and production architects on larger projects.

Methodology used on Survey:

1. We posted an announcement on the 4specs homepage and sent one email to registered members of the 4specs Discussion Forum and one email to SCIP members, eliminating duplicate emails. We asked that their response be faxed to us and their name provided.
2. The responses were faxed (or emailed as a pdf) to us and in 95% of the cases their name was provided. There was enough information on the 5% to show the response was unique.


Colin Gilboy
Publisher - 4specs
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