Your Website Is Up. What's Next?

This talk was given at the CSI Convention in 2004. It sums up what a marketing manager needs to know about effectively using the Internet in marketing to architects, engineers and specifiers. For other newsletters article, please visit our Selling to Architects area.

1. Your Overall Internet Objectives

Dcember 2003 Newsletter - What are your overall Internet objectives? I look at several thousand websites each month. Few construction product websites appear to have a clear objective to sell more products for your company. We see two primary objectives for your Internet activities. This is my perspective of a good set of Internet Objectives for your company.

2. Your Website Design Objectives

January 2004 Newsletter - When you write a RFQ (Request for Quotation) or another document to define your desired website revisions, what should you include? Here are my thoughts.

3. If you do not know what is happening, how can you improve your results?

November 2003 Newsletter - Do you have access to good website statistics? Here's how website stats can help you make better marketing and advertising decisions.

4. Your Binder Works, Why does your website not work?

February 2004 Newsletter - Your 3-Ring Binder Works, Why Doesn't Your Website Work?

5. Get All the users you can to your website - Part 1 - For FREE

March 2004 Newsletter - Get All the Users You Can - For FREE! from Google, Yahoo and others.

6. Get All the users you can to your website - Part 2 - Paid

April 2004 Newsletter - Get All the Users You Can - Using Advertising and Paid Placements


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