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4specs is a resource for US and Canadian architects, engineers and specifiers. As such we do not list companies from Europe or Asia, unless they have a strong US presence and an exclusive importer or distributor. We also do not list contractors, distributors, dealers or reps.

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When an architect uses the 4specs sections directory looking for a product similar to yours, does your company name and hot link appear in the top listings, or does your competition's? Call it search engine optimization or advertising, either way 4specs delivers more qualified users to your website than other construction websites and publications. Here is our online media kit.

Here is how to optimize your company's results from 4specs:

1. FREE: check to be sure you are listed in all the right sections. We want to list you in all the appropriate sections. You must make products that fit into those sections, and not just be related to those sections. We are also tight about the listing we provide to keep the 4specs directory usable.

2. FREE: add a 15 word description to your listings. All the listings must use the same wording. Here is a sample.

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4. FREE: make sure your company name, address and phone number are correct in our database. Use the gold Contact Search at the bottom of the page. This will help our users find you by phone. Send us an Email with any changes. These databases are updated at the beginning of each month.

Update your info and add 15 words.

5. Advertise - typically $250-1,500 per year: Showcase listings are placed above all free listings, and include a logo or product image and a 55 word description. This is a sample Showcase Listing:

Showcase Listing

We have priced these ads to help the smaller manufacturer be seen yet not break their budget. Ask us about our introductory offers for the first year for some new advertisers. On renewal, our showcase listing pricing is set this way:

We recognize that you may have been called by every website publication asking you to advertise, and we want you to evaluate 4specs at our very low costs. 4specs is in our 19th year and is profitable. 4specs is going to be around for a while.

Ads can generally be online the same day as the information is available.


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