09 8260 - Acoustical Plaster

See also: 09 8200 - Sound Absorption Materials

International Cellulose

International Cellulose Corporation
SonaKrete is a cellulose material that is spray-applied and then trowelled smooth for a plaster-like finish. SonaKrete can provide a noise reduction of up to 75% and is available in custom colors. Because SonaKrete is spray-applied, it easily conforms to arches and irregular surfaces making it perfect for historical renovations and new construction. ISO Certified.


Acoustical plasters for whenever decorative finishes, sound absorption, durability, and low maintenance are desired. Gypsum or Portland Cement-based. For interior or exterior applications. Non-combustible. UL fire ratings when used on metal deck or structural steel. Standard or custom colorings. On-site manufacturer supervision with pre-approved installers.