08 5640 - Pressure Resistant Window Assemblies

(Includes hurricane-resistant commercial windows)

Air Louvers

Air Louvers – Part of Activar Construction Products Group
Air Louvers has been in the forefront of developing products to meet changing industry needs, for more than 55 years. Two models of vision frame are now available for hurricane velocity applications that have Florida Building Code Approvals. They are offered as a complete package including glazing and sealant.


AMBICO pressure resistant windows, screens and side lite units in accordance with ASTM E-330 or ASTM F-1642 standards, are available to meet a wide range of industrial and test facility applications. Units are supplied with all glass and glazing components as complete engineered and certified assemblies. Fire ratings available in accordance with NFPA-80.


Kalwall Corporation
Compliant with ASTM E1642 and UFC 4-010-01 DoD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings. In the case of explosions, Kalwall's inherent properties improve potential occupant safety by not contributing to dangerous flying debris. High-energy performance, translucent windows can be incorporated into any building to fill interior spaces with balanced, glare-free daylighting.

Krieger Specialty Doors

Krieger Specialty Products
Custom manufactured blast and pressure resistant windows available up to 20 PSI. Tested and certified according to UFC, UBC, ICBO, FM, NIJ, ASTM, and Haz Mat. Clients include Pentagon, General Motors, Chevron, US Air Force and Boeing.

St. Cloud Window

St. Cloud Window
The fact that nature can't be predicted is all the more reason to choose a window that can. Our impact products are engineered and independently tested to confront nature's greatest window challenges - excessive wind loads, windborne debris, heavy rain, and miserly energy conservation. Certifications for Miami-Dade TAS 201, 202, and 203 for "high velocity hurricane zones" means much more than the value of superior windows alone.

Thermal Windows

Thermal Windows
Thermal Windows, Inc. of Tulsa, Oklahoma manufactures thermally broken commercial aluminum windows and doors for projects nationwide. Our impact-resistant products include single hung, fixed, sliding and projected windows, as well as sliding glass doors and terrace doors. Many models are also available in UFC blast-resistant versions.

US Bulletproofing

United States Bullet Proofing, Inc.
Leading edge high security doors, windows and curtain wall. Our products meet or exceed UL752 Ballistic standards, GSA Blast, DOD Forced Entry Protection/Anti-Terrorism criteria, and DOS certified. Whether your application requires a standard product or a custom design build we supply an engineered product with CAD drawings, blast analysis and complete test reports.