07 2300- Exposed Spray-Applied Insulation

International Cellulose

International Cellulose Corporation
K-13 is a spray-applied cellulose insulation that provides both thermal and sound absorption benefits. K-13 is typically applied to the ceiling, on virtually any substrate, and can be left exposed as it comes in custom colors to meet any design goals. Typical projects include: schools, restaurants, stadiums, parking garages, and offices. UL, FM, and ISO Certified.


Monoglass Incorporated
For over a quarter century Monoglass has provided solutions for hard to insulate areas. Monoglass, the original spray-on fiberglass, offers superior thermal and acoustic insulating properties. It is white, inorganic, non-combustible, and doesn't support mold growth. Uses include swimming pools, stadiums, office towers, hospitals, under conditioned spaces or over fireproofing materials. GreenSpec listed.


Thermacoustic Industries International Ltd.
We manufacture and distribute fiberglass-based, spray in place insulation products that provide the best thermal and acoustic performance of the presently available fiberglass, mineral wool and cellulose spray-in-place products on the worldwide market.