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Registering for the 4specs Discussion Forum

  1. This forum is targeted to US and Canadian design professionals - specifiers, construction administrators, project architects, engineers. We limit registration to people in these categories and will not provide registration for others. Registration requests outside this category may be deleted or denied with no notice.
  2. To register, click on Register (dark blue navigation bar, left side when you get to the discussion forum) to get started. When you complete the registration form on the forum, you will be sent an email to confirm the email address. Once you have responded to that email to activate the account, you will be added to a moderation queue. I may send you an email asking for more information if the domain in the email does not indicate a design firm. I try and get these registrations done quickly.
  3. Note - I get many requests to be registered - I check to see if your user name has spammed other forums and I delete those requests and not respond.
  4. Manufacturers and others can post a question or comment without registering. Please provide your name and company affiliation. These postings are put in a moderation queue and I generally approve or delete them in an hour or so.