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JL Industries

Activar Construction Products Group - J.L. Industries
Our line of fire-rated and non-rated access panels for access to mechanical, electrical, plumbing or HVAC components covers you from floor to ceiling. From heavy-duty floor doors to drywall-covered access panels, JL manufactures a wide range of reliable and attractive choices including custom sizes. Quick-ship from many US locations.


Acudor Products
For affordable quality, choose Acudor. Access doors for any application – from masonry to drywall to plaster. Flush non-rated, fire rated, recessed, plastic, security, and aluminum. Valve boxes, HVAC duct doors and more. Floor hatches for standard pedestrian to H20-44 traffic loading, up to 280 psi. Angle frame, channel frame, recessed, and removable. Custom capability.

Bauco Plus

Bauco Access Panel Solutions
Virtually invisible - fully customizable access panels and grilles. Hidden frames and hardware. Suitable for walls and ceilings. Half of the panels we ship are customized to meet project needs. Average turnaround time is 4 days. Customer service and innovative products since 1995. "The nicest access panel we have ever installed. Especially at that large size."