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Architectural Grille
Architectural Grille manufactures custom bar grilles, perforated grilles, and egg crate grilles, as well as other custom products including made to order grilles. Our products are fabricated using the latest "State of the Art" manufacturing equipment including water jets, lasers and CNC turret presses and lathes.

Products are fabricated of most materials including aluminum, brass, bronze, steel, and stainless steel. From our engineers to our hand polishers, each craftsman at Architectural Grille knows the importance of perfection. Our meticulously made custom grilles reflect the precision and craftsmanship that has made Architectural Grille renowned for producing the finest grilles available.


Architectural Grille
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Perforated Grilles:

Linear Bar GrilleWith over 65 years of manufacturing experience, Architectural Grille specializes in custom heating and ventilation linear bar grilles for floor, wall and ceiling HVAC applications in residential and commercial locations. Whether your linear bar grille needs are for new construction, traditional renovation or a period restoration, Architectural Grille has the right grille for your project.

Our linear bar grilles come in a variety of core and frame styles, we can even fabricate curvature (convex, concave and flat face). Materials include aluminum, brass, bronze and stainless steel, and are available in a number of finishes. The wide selection and range of options we offer, such as beveled edges, mitered corners and access doors, give you more flexibility when choosing the perfect grille for the job.

Linear Bar GrilleWhether you are looking for a perforated grille that is historically accurate for use in a renovation, or an aesthetically pleasing and artistic design that will compliment your unique style, Architectural Grille has a perforated grille pattern to suit your need - and if we don't then we'll happily work with you to customize one.

Every individual perforated grille is custom made to your specifications and crafted on-site from the finest materials in a variety of finishes, grilles can also be cut in a range of thicknesses to the size you need, using advanced technology and metal fabrication methods.

Perforated grilles can be used for interior and exterior applications across a vast spectrum of industries including residential, hospitality, commercial, industrial, retail, educational and healthcare to name a few.

Construction Grille Collection:

Frank Lloyd Wright Signature Decorative Grille Collection:

Linear Bar GrilleIn response to continued builder and contractor requests for an easy "borderless" installation method for floor, wall and ceiling HVAC applications in residential and commercial locations, our product engineers researched and developed several HVAC grille frame styles which went above and beyond expectations.

Architectural Grille offers 4 linear bar grille frame styles:

  • H-Frame Bar Grille: Ideal for floor applications, this grille is designed to be installed BEFORE the flooring has been laid, making it flush with the floor and borderless and resulting in a smooth, seamless look. Available with either a fixed, welded core or a removable core.
  • Spackle In I-Frame Bar Grille: Ideal for wall and/or ceiling applications, this grille comes with pre-punched fastening points for quick installation on TOP of the drywall with standard drywall screws, resulting in a flush, borderless installation where the grille becomes part of the wall or ceiling. Available only as a drop-in, spackle in frame with a welded core.
  • Spackle In J-Frame Bar Grille: Our original spackle in bar grille allows for easy wall and/or ceiling installation on TOP of the drywall using common drywall screws and spackle to achieve a sleek aesthetic finish with no visible mounting screws to detract from the overall visual design of the space. Available with either a fixed, welded core or a removable core.
  • Spackle In K-Frame Bar Grille: As the I-Frame and J-Frame bar grilles, this frame is ideal for wall and/or ceiling applications and comes with pre-punched fastening points for quick installation using standard drywall screws. This grille is designed to be installed BEFORE drywall and is available with either a fixed, welded core or a removable core. 

We are excited and very honored to announce the Frank Lloyd Wright® Signature Decorative Grille Collection - a collaboration with the Frank Lloyd Wright® Foundation to produce high-end HVAC grille covers in a variety of designs and finishes that will reflect the distinctive architecture of renowned architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.

Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) is recognized world-wide as one of the greatest architects of the twentieth century. His work heralded a new thinking in architecture, using innovation in design and engineering made possible by newly designed technology and materials. His creative ability extended far beyond the border of architecture to graphic design, furniture, art glass, textiles, and decorative elements for the home.

You can order these specialty grilles in several stock sizes and a variety of finishes/powder coat colors for immediate delivery, or contact one of our Estimators for custom applications (case-by-case basis based on project approval).

Custom Fabrication:


Linear Bar GrilleUsing the latest, most sophisticated technology available, it is now possible to cut complex shapes and design patterns in materials such as paper, wood, glass, marble and all metals. This state of the art technology eliminates the barriers in grille manufacturing and design, while providing customers with a new, cost saving alternative to conventional methods of decorative grille manufacturing. In addition to grilles, we can assist you in designing and fabricating: column surrounds, decorative panels & screens, drain covers, exterior fencing & cladding, radiator enclosures, signage and so much more.