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Relative Humidity Effects on Wood Flooring
Wood flooring, like all wood products is affected by moisture. It swells. It shrinks. And it is expected to always look as perfect as the day it is installed. But what happens when the wood is not installed in perfect conditions? What range of conditions must designers accommodate for a successful installation? https://www.conspectusinc.com/downloads/Documents/publications-download-TT-C2030-08.htm

Concrete Floor Prep & Test
Many floor finishing materials, particularly those that rely on adhesion to a substrate, depend upon the texture and moisture content of that substrate to look and perform properly.

Large Format Tile Installation
ABSTRACT: When designing large format tile floor installations, there are a number of factors that can adversely affect the finished system and must be addressed:
1. Type and stability of Substrate.
2. "Flat" condition of substrate.
3. Tile setting materials and system.
4. Type, size, and quality of tile.
5. Design pattern and use of tiles, and workmanship.

Large Format Tile Revisited
The publication of 2011 versions of the TCNA Handbook and ANSI A108, A118, and A136 have addressed the challenges in large format tile installations. This Tech Tips will explore changes in the new TCNA Handbook and make a comparison to our 2009 Tech Tips on the same subject.

Pet Resistant Resilient Flooring
What properties of decorative sheet vinyl are important to consider when selecting pet resistant resilient flooring? Resisting surface abrasion and scratching, especially from large dogs, is a tall order for any flooring material, not just resilient flooring.

Resilient Flooring Underlayment
Understanding that if you do not take steps to ensure the subfloor and underlayment are installed and prepared properly then installing your resilient flooring over them will be like putting lipstick on a pig.

Specifying slip resistance requires knowing what is required by law and understanding that materials behave differently under adverse conditions. Learn how to address slip resistance in your documents and how to inform Owners who are concerned about their liability for injuries due to slipping accidents on their property.

Terrazzo Flooring and Moisture Vapor Transmission
Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) through concrete floor slabs-on-grade can cause serious damage to impermeable floor finishes. Excessive MVT can result in adhesive failure of an epoxy terrazzo floor system.

Wood Flooring
This month Conspectus' Tech Tips discusses conditions for successful wood flooring installation that require control of the following ambient environmental conditions.
1. Air temperature range.
2. Relative humidity range.
3. Substrate moisture content