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Door Security
When is an electric strike not an electric strike? When it is a euphemism for a secure door. Knowing what function is required is paramount. Function will dictate what devices are needed. So what should be considered when specifying a secure door?

Curtain Walls, Storefronts, and Windows - What Are The Differences?
There are many variations in the design and use of curtain wall, storefront and window systems. This Tech-Tip will explain the differences.

Meaning of Window Ratings
Exterior windows are often tested and rated according to the North American Fenestration Standard published jointly by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), the Window & Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA), and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). For purposes of this article, the standard will be referenced as AAMA 101. This reference standard sets minimum performance for three primary attributes to establish an overall performance grade:
* Air leakage
* Water penetration resistance
* Structural adequacy to resist applied loads

Framed Exterior Wall Thermal Performance
The design of exterior walls is affected by requirements from many sources: building code, energy code, and LEED to name a few. The performance specified by one source may not be consistent with the others.

Fenestration Condensation
Condensation and frost on the inside surfaces of exterior glazed openings must be avoided. Temperature, humidity, fabrication, and installation, all contribute to success and failure. Learn what tools are available to help select glazing products for project design conditions?

Exterior Walls and NFPA 285
What is driving all the discussion about NFPA 285 and exterior walls? Energy and safety! So what is making this such a complicated issue? Think complete wall assembly and all the materials and configurations possible. The entire assembly must pass the test. Here is the background and some current options to consider.

Sound Transmission through Glass
You are designing a residential facility near an airport or a busy highway with large expanses of glass. How do you prevent the noise from nearby sources adversely impacting its tenants? How is sound measured? Which glazing configurations best reduce sound transmission?

Laminated Glass
Laminated glass construction is simple - glue two or more panes of glass together to form a composite single pane. Wait, nothing is ever that simple. What can be used as the glue? What benefits and limitations do the glues have? What considerations might help design teams choose the best construction?

Resistance to Forced Entry
Glazed door assemblies can be rigorously tested to determine their specific levels of resistance to forced entry, but how resistant should they be? There are several test standards, but which is the most reliable and appropriate?

Louver Terminology and Selection
Article is a primer on louver terminology, design considerations, and selection requirements. Factors to consider when selecting louvers:
1. Air volume and velocity.
2. Free area.
3. Pressure drop.
4. Water penetration.
5. Dimensions.
6. Aesthetics.

Interior Doors
Avoid surprises! Choosing wood doors for their natural beauty can significantly enhance a building's aesthetics. Ignoring or misunderstanding a single facet of door veneer selection can easily produce unacceptable results with no easy correction. Know what considerations must be specified and what options are available to be sure to achieve the intended result.