Specifier's Library - Masonry & Stone

Choosing Mortar Types
The strength of mortar relative to the materials being installed is critical. Mortar must be strong enough and flexible enough to allow the structure to function as designed.

Masonry Restoration Scope
When is the scope of work on a restoration project prepared? On what does the contractor base his bid? Too often, the scope of work on a restoration project is poorly defined or incomplete. Learn what an architect can do to prepare construction documents that show the scope of work, accurately, even when much of the necessary work is concealed by other construction.

Chemical Masonry Cleaning
How can you make sure you get that "like new" look for the completed masonry? Detergent washing is only removing the surface dirt - not the right result. Chemical masonry cleaning is a necessary evil in new construction. It's not as bad as you might think.

Fire Resistant CMU
Did you just severely restrict, or eliminate competition by including a UL design number for fire resistive masonry partitions? Unknowingly, perhaps. Learn what options are available to meet code requirements for fire resistive concrete masonry units. It is easy to open competition and allow local producers to furnish fire resistive units, even without a UL Mark.