Specifier's Library - Concrete

Slab on Grade Vapor Retarders
The Where, When, and Why of Slab on Grade Vapor Retarders. Many use the terms vapor retarder (VR) and vapor barrier (VB) interchangeably. However, there is a difference. A vapor retarder RETARDS or slows (but does not prevent) the transmission of water vapor. A vapor barrier BLOCKS the transmission of water vapor.

Floor Slab Flatness & Levelness
Flatness, Levelness, F-Numbers, Straightedge: What do the numbers mean? Recent changes to ACI 117 provide new procedures for straightedge measurements for floor slab flatness. Under the revised standard, 1/8 inch in 10 feet is not a standard option. Learn what each term means and how to specify floor slab tolerances in accordance with industry standards for each floor surface classification.

Cast-In-Place Concrete Repairs
Cast-In-Place Concrete Assemblies damaged by chloride ion penetration can be effectively repaired with a careful choice of repair materials. Repair approaches have changed with advancing technology and more product selections. Learn how to repair concrete so the patch will survive and help preserve the existing structure.