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Competitive Procurement Requirements
Competitive Construction Procurement: What do I need besides the drawings and spec? Bidders need additional information about the bidding process to ensure their bids are responsive to the owner's needs and hopefully (for them) successful. Learn what documents are required for competitive bidding and what the key elements must be included in the Invitation to Bid to help ensure a smooth process.

Construction Warranties
Do construction warranties provide value for the owner? Manufacturers write warranties to limit their own risk. The warranty value will depend greatly on how the warranty is specified and the owner's knowledge of the warranty conditions.

What's Wrong With This Picture
We have all seen examples of this type of construction - to put it nicely - faux pas. Typically, once this type of error is discovered, the A/E blames the Contractor for installing the item in a manner that was obviously not intended; and the Contractor responds by blaming the A/E for designing it improperly to begin with and then expecting the Contractor to know what the A/E "intended."

There are 4 steps that can be taken to help prevent "silly" mistakes from occurring on construction projects: Quality Assurance Reviews, Shop Drawing Reviews, Coordination Drawing Reviews, and Preinstallation Coordination Meetings.