Specifier's Library - General & Misc.

How Table of Contents Could Spell SNAFU
Careless practices of preparing the Agreement Between the Owner and Contractor and assembling the Documents to be attached to this Agreement could lead to the unintended consequences of having Procurement Requirements included as part of the requirements for Construction.

Sauna & Steam Room Sprinklers
Primer on fire suppression sprinkler selection for spaces with high ambient temperatures, like saunas and steam rooms.

Portable Fire Extinguisher Systems
So many choices! What types and how many fire extinguishers do I really need? I don't have a copy of NFPA 10. Isn't there a rule of thumb I can use? Learn how to select the correct fire extinguisher rating and extinguishing media for the potential fire hazards in your design project.

HUD Severe Use Cabinets
With solid hardwood material, HUD severe use kitchen cabinets are made to last. They meet the meticulous "Severe Use" specifications that guarantee long service life.